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Why are you on this page?

If you are visiting this page it is because we have communicated or engaged in a dialogue, or I have recommended you check this page, regarding the deceptive practice of the imposition of an Islamic tax (jizyah) on non-Islamic people in Australia through our domestic, non-export food market. Australians are essentially funding an ideology, of which they do not adhere to, through their daily supermarket shopping completely unaware that they are doing so.

For the purposes of accuracy and clarity, this unfair certification scheme is referred to in this document as the Islamic Halal Tax which is commonly known as Halal Certification.


This page under no circumstances seeks to vilify or create any form of hostility or defamatory action against any individual or company who/which supports the payment of the Islamic Halal Tax. The information contained herein is to help respond to contenders regarding the Islamic Halal Tax or to simply assist others with information on the fact that most of our domestic non-export consumer products (circa 70%-80%) are now being certified as part of the Islamic requirements by Islamic consumers, in a country where approximately 97% of the population is non-Islamic.

Moreover, this page does not seek to be prejudicial in any way towards any followers of any religious, military, cultural, political or social group. It is published under the banner of the freedom of information and the freedom of speech - both being the core ethos of a democratic and free society.

Please keep this disclaimer in mind if seeking to respond to, or utilise the information contained herein.

Any company, organisation or individual names mentioned herein are done so as a reference, substantiated in the direct communications with the author of this page or through publicly reported information. It seeks to not be harmful in any way, but to highlight the particular company, organisation or individual's support for the Islamic Halal Tax. This document seeks to protect the rights of everyone with regards to being able to voice an opinion freely, without the fear of vilification or potential harm.

This page simply seeks to ask: Why are Australians expected to pay for a certification process which does not apply to the average Australia? (being a population of over 97% non-Islamic - [2016 figure])


What is halal certification
It's all on the ingredients label
The deceptively hidden tax
False claims that the Islamic Halal Tax benefits the country
But isn't it the same as kosher?
Tools to become an Islamic Halal Tax free household
Contacting the companies
In Summary
Other Topics on Political Islam

What is the Islamic Halal Tax (halal certification)?

A product (including medications and health care products) being listed as a halal certified product means that the supplier of the said product pays an Islamic Halal Tax to an Islamic certifying body so that the followers of Political Islam can be assured they are observing a dietary obedience as is part of their ideological beliefs.

The word halal stems from the Arabic term for allowable and appears to have a link to the phonetic hilal which is the Arabic term for the crescent moon. The appearance of the crescent moon in Political Islam appears to have been imported from its former origins of worshipping the ancient moon god.

A halal product cannot have any raw blood, part of a pig, part of a carnivorous animal or alcohol contained in it. The Arabic word haram means forbidden and products containing any of the ingredients just mentioned falls under this category and should not be consumed by the followers of Political Islam.

Some reference should be made to the Islamic jizyah tax which is levied in Islamic run countries on any person, group or company that is not Islamic and therefore is 'taxed' a penalty for its non-conformance to the warlord founder of Political Islam's ideology. The jizyah is taxed at a far higher rate than that placed on Islamic followers. Needless to say, Australia is not under Islamic domination and further adds weight calling for it to be removed from being charged on the Australian people.

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It's all on the ingredients labels

Australia has one of the highest standards of food production and supply in the world and it has very strict requirements on product producers to clearly display ingredients and contents on clearly marked labels on the individual products. This ensures anyone following any kind of dietary observance already has a clear and detailed listing to aid in them avoiding or consuming/using any products. By this we do not need third party certifications on products. The detailed labels say it all.

Other clear labeling on some products such as sugar free, vegetarian, gluten free, heart smart, low sodium, low G.I, Kosher, nut and egg allergies warnings, as examples, help a consumer identify a product's suitability for their consumption/use but again are just an 'assurance' and a consumer will still need to check the ingredients label details to ensure there are no problems with them consuming/using the individual product.

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The deceptively hidden tax

On most product lines that have the Islamic Halal Tax imposed on them the individual products themselves have no clear labeling or logo to advise the consumer that they are paying money towards Political Islam.

Despite petitioning the Australian food governing bodies and even the companies that distribute these Islamic products, there continues to be no identifying label on products, for the most part, to advise the consumer they are paying into this Islamic 'scheme'. Food authorities state that they do not require companies show they carry the Islamic Halal Tax on their products and the companies repeat this same rhetoric by stating they are not required to show an Islamic Certification label on their products.

Some responses from companies state that they do not use their products being certified for Islam as a marketing tool and one is inclined to agree with this statement, as if they did actually disclose this fact, most non-Islamic Australians would most likely not purchase their products.

While this blatant and 'food authority endorsed' deceptive practice remains in place, the average Australian is paying this Islamic Halal Tax and hence funding Political Islam through their daily shopping dollars in the purchase of non-export domestic products.

Australia and the Australian people are not under Islamic law (as part of the sharia 'ethos') and there is no dhimmi status enforced on our people to be slugged with an Islamic tax that is essentially levied on any minority in an Islamic country (refer to the jizyah covered earlier in this document).

Note: The dhimmi is an Islamic term for non-Islamic people who are allowed to still exist and fuction within an Islamic run country/system. Such people will be forced to observe the jizyah tax.

Islamic Halal Tax logos

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False claims that the Islamic Halal Tax benefits the country

There have been numerous claims that boycotting the purchase of products that carry the Islamic Halal Tax on our domestic non-export products will affect our overseas trade with Islamic nations. This is the most absurd claim given the goods purchased 'in' Australia by Australians have nothing to do with the export trade to other countries. The purchase of a candy product in another country has no affect on Australia's economy unless that candy product was manufactured in Australia - the same would stand for purchasing a locally produced Australian product 'in' Australia having no bearing on overseas trade or another country's economy whatsoever.

Then we strike the, "it is only a few cents per product" comment that again defies common reasoning when one considers how many of these accumulated "few cents" combined over thousands of products sold daily in thousands of stores throughout the nation which would add up substantially to contributing to Political Islam.

We have seen claims as to where the funding from this tax goes but quite clearly the Islamic Halal Tax goes to the Islamic certifying companies which in turn fund mosques [Islamic barracks] (both in Australia and overseas), Islamic schools and Islamic charities. None of the funds collected benefit Australia or the Australian people.

And if indeed the collected funds from the Islamic Halal Tax come under the category of 'donations' or 'religious funds', then Australia is missing out on these funds in turn being taxed here to fund Australia's tax system. By all studies tended, Islam is not really a 'religion' or not just a religion and is more akinned to a political system with religious aspects (Something like militant Communism with a compulsory religion thrown in).

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But isn't it the same as Kosher?

Given the warlord founder of Political Islam 'borrowed' a lot of the religious aspects of his 'belief system', you will find that with some heavy modification to the teachings of Judaism and Christianity, many initially appearing similar (but further revealed as starkly different) practices are commanded of Islamic adherents.

Kosher is a dietary observance and mainly comes from the religious practices around the preparation of food, specifically meat from animals, which contain elements of prayer said over or during the process, and a specific way animals are slaughtered for food.

Under Judaism, specific animals like pigs, cannot be eaten and this is the same rule for Islamic followers. But while an animal that can be used as food is prepared, under Judaism only the fore quarter of the animal is considered Kosher whereas under Islamic observernace the entire animal is considered to be halal.

Wine, which is alcohol, is accepted as Kosher whereas under halal all alcohol is prohibited. (Some imams have told those who are giving their lives through planned acts of Jihad that they can partake of alcohol and other 'haram' products as part of their celebration for shortly going to the Islamic paradise [jannah] through giving their lives.)

This all leads to the question from some as to why Australians accept Kosher but refuse to support Political Islam. Here we see the difference in attitude from the followers of Judaism and Political Islam towards the non-believers:

Judaism: Under Judaism non-Jews are considered to not be saved but the Mosaic laws (the laws of Moses) govern their attitude and the way they should treat non-believers as well as their fellow Jews:
Thou shalt not kill
Thou shalt not steal
Thou shalt not covet...
as we all know from the Ten Commandments.

Political Islam: Based on the Koran all non-believers are called the kafir, which is the singular of kufar - this is a derogatory lowest scum-like term for non-Islamic person. Then we see the teachings of "Al walaa, wal baraa": love the Islamic god, love all Islamic people, hate everything and everyone else.
When you review the sources of this thinking process from the multitude of Islamic texts (Koran, Hadith, Sira, Sunnah, Reliance of the Traveller) that command the followers of the true Islam to subdue and kill the Jews and the rest of the kafir "wherever they come upon them", one can then understand that the followers of Political Islam are permanently at war with the kafir until the land they live in has been converted to Political Islam and any 'minorities' are then subdued and persecuted. (citing the fate of non-Islamic people in Afghanistan, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Turkey... to name a few).

By this stark difference in the way Australians are viewed by the two core belief ethos it is not difficult to answer the question why a growing majority are opposing any funding of Political Islam through the deceptively hidden Islamic Halal Tax. The more Islamic attacks or foiled Islamic attacks persist on our own soil, the more this leads to the sentiment in not wanting to 'fund' any aspect of this growing ideology in our country.

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Tools to become an Islamic Halal Tax free household:

As Australians we remain grateful to those companies who flatly refuse to impose this hidden tax system on our citizens. These companies have continued to receive support from our people and will always be viewed as doing the right thing by its local consumers.

Given the requests by Australians to have this tax removed from our domestic non-export products have fallen on deaf ears (being the companies that impose this tax, the food governing bodies that refuse to enforce clear product labelling, government/politicians who continue to allow Political Islam to do this to their own citizens) I would like to publish here some websites and links that will help you in your own quest to the remove Islamic Halal Tax from your purchases:

- An excellent website that also has a purchased mobile phone app that I use on my Android phone to look up products. The founder of the Halal Choices website and information facility is a brave voice in Australia calling this deceptive system out into the spotlight.

- An excellent website to keep informed on the latest developments in the 'halal certifcation' agenda.

- A perfect phone app which allows you to use your phone's camera to scan the barcode of products. This app is not just for identifying halal certified goods but for me is the only concern I have at present. This app is free in the mobile phone app stores.

Find the Halal Choices, Boycott Halal in Australia and the Boycott Halal Certification in Australia groups on Facebook as these wonderful social media groups will also help you identify what is halal certified and often post interesting articles and ways to be part of a larger group who are like me, wishing to see the removal of this unfair scheme imposed on our domestic product.

Harry Richardson has written an excellent book titled The Story of Mohammed, Islam unveiled for those of us who are not only opposed to the Islamic Halal Tax, but who are also concerned with the deceptive conduct surrounding Political Islam overall. I thoroughly recommend this book and would encourage every Australian to read it. Details of the book sources are at:

Now doing the Aussie thing: I would encourage every Australian to get behind the companies that are refusing to halal certify their products as these companies deserve to prosper for their non-prejudice attitude towards any Australian.

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Contacting the companies

Since January 2015 I have been contacting all companies that I have been able to identify have Islamic Halal Tax products on our Australian shelves using either their Contact Us links on their web pages or supplied e-mail addresses.

I have received a wide range of somewhat 'canned' responses which predominantly have stated they have no intention of placing an Islamic Halal Tax label on their products as they are not enforced to do so by Food Standards Australian New Zealand or by the ACCC These 'governing' bodies parrot back the same 'reason' the companies give in that they do not require companies to reveal their products enforce the Islamic Halal Tax - an amusing reflection of excuse phrasing to say the least. It is very disappointing that communications with these actual governing bodies of companines in relation product disclosure and standards falls on deaf ears. Essentially they continue to enable companies to charge this hidden tax without disclosing to the consumer this is being done.

At no time do I believe or doubt the quality of any product supplied by the relevant companies and organisations here in Australia nor do I doubt the integrity of the product supplied.

I have been grateful to any company or organisation that have taken the time to respond to me, however, I do take point with some of the responses that have been put to me and I counter with my responses to their general statements:

Statement Counter
The company/organisation does not support any religious or political group In supporting the Islamic Halal Tax on our Australian domestic non-export products on our supermarket shelves, companies/organisations are supporting the Islamic ideology (social, political, legal [sharia], military, religious).
There is no cost to the consumer as the halal certification is paid for by the company.

By a consumer paying for a domestic non-export product that carries the Islamic Halal Tax this enables the company/organisation to then pay for the halal certification, so essentially the consumer is paying for the certification through their purchases.
We hope that you continue to support our Australian product By having Islamic Halal Tax based products on our domestic shelves is not providing an Australian product, moreover it is providing a specific group of people in Australia with a product. Non-Muslims do not need to eat halal nor should they be expected to - this is denying the average consumer a choice.
We provide halal certified products in the same regards as Kosher, Heart Smart, Gluten Free, Australian Owned/Made, Organic etc... As seen in our supermarkets most products that carry any certifications are clearly labelled (especially Kosher as a comparison). Moreover most products all have their own sections that consumers can go to. This should also apply to Islamic Halal Tax based products. In this way the average consumer of mainstream products is only buying those products meeting their needs. The sheer volume of domestic non-export product that has deceptively hiding the Islamic Halal Tax cannot be compared to any other product certification as all of these are very distinctly labeled and/or in their own supermarket sections, as previously stated.
Our products do not bear any halal certified labeling as we do not use this as a marketing/selling tool. By not clearly showing products have the Islamic Halal Tax applied to them tends to indicate that by not having the label present is a marketing tool as the average Australian will most likely not purchase an Islamic product in as much as they would not necessarily purchase a product carrying a fee that supports any specific religious, political or social group.
We have halal certification to be able to market to overseas countries. This is fine with me, we need international trade and this is vital for our country to be able to market our locally produced goods overseas, but I still fail to see why I am forced to pay for a locally produced product that carries with it the Islamic Halal Tax. Why is the Australian consumer forced to pay for an overseas certification on a domestic non-export product? A product that is produced in Australia, sold to an Australian consumer and is a product that never leaves the coutnry.
Response from The Food Standards Australia New Zealand: We do not require that companies show that their goods are halal certified. My extended dialogue with them since my first contact has yielded nothing.

I would encourage any Australian who is against this deceptive 'scheme' to contact the companies yourself and take up the challenge of making your home free of Islamic Halal Tax products. It is possible and you will eventually easily identify the product supplier and brands to avoid when you are shopping, sadly for Australia, there is a lot.

Feel free to glean what you want from the following message format should you decide to join the rest of us in voicing you disapproval directly to the companies that continue to propagate this deceptive tax system:

This is in regard to your product: PRODUCT NAME GOES HERE

I wanted to purchase this product recently but upon finding it carried the Islamic Halal Tax,
better known to you as halal certified, sadly in all good conscience, I could not
purchase it.

I cite any domestic products on our Australian supermarket shelves that carry the
Islamic Halal Tax as discriminatory towards non-Islamic followers in Australia (97% of the
population) and further cite an attempt to make an Australian pay this tax/fee on the
said products as unethical and un-Australian.

Also if this product does not clearly display a halal certified label on it,
I further cite this as deceptive and misleading.

If my past shopping receipts show my purchase for the said product(s), I will
be possibly seeking a refund.

Should you wish to respond to this complaint, please respond in kind so that I can
pass on your stance in this matter to everyone I am in contact with.

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In Summary

As it stands, it is up to the consumer to use the current on-line product list facilities and mobile phone applications to help identify halal certified products in our supermarkets/shops. With some research and diligence, it is possible to boycott the Islamic Halal Tax products and support those Australian companies which are not paying this certification.

I have heard a lot of rumours about where the money goes with regards to supporting Islamic terrorism, but such rumours are really for the qualification of our Australian authorities, not for a consumer or end user of a product. The average consumer should simply be free to choose to not purchase Islamic Halal Tax products.

Is it really too much to ask that I can buy a product on an Australian supermarket/shop shelf that does not carry the Islamic Halal Tax?

Please write to our members of parliament and the companies forcing us to buy the Islamic Halal Tax products on our Australian supermarket/shop shelves, as this is just unacceptable and discriminates against the non-Muslim Australian.

This is Australia after all, a land of diverse cultures and heritage. I fail to understand why this fee is necessary in a country where Islam only represents a small percentage of the population.

Take up the non-Islamic Halal Tax approach as a consumer, it is possible and you will be free of supporting an imposition on our people that is just unethical.

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